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Village of Grand Manan to Have Professional Planning, Enforcement, & Building Inspection

Council is working with the Regional Service Commission to deliver services

Grand Manan— July 10 2018On Monday night, the Village of Grand Manan Council voted to appoint Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission (SNBSC) staff to the role of development officers and building inspectors for the Island. This action will enable residents and contractors to have their construction projects inspected by professional and qualified building inspectors who will apply the National Building Code.  Grand Manan will also be able to have the Island’s 2004 Rural Plan updated to reflect the changing needs of the Village as it grows and develops. The other component of these new services will be the development and enforcement of a new unsightly premises bylaw for the Island.

Working with the Regional Service Commission

Many municipalities across New Brunswick are opting to have their Regional Service Commissions provide planning and building inspection services. SNBSC currently serves the Local Service Districts (LSDs) in Southwest New Brunswick, which includes Whitehead Island. SNBSC also provides planning and building inspection services to the Town of Saint Andrews.  By sharing services with the whole region, Grand Manan can get an economy of scale with professional planning and inspection services at a much lower cost to taxpayers. This contract with SNBSC and the service that they will be providing Grand Manan will be closely monitored by the Village to ensure that Council’s objectives are being met as the year unfolds. We are looking forward to a positive working relationship with SNBSC.

How to Apply for a Permit or Get a Building Inspection

Before you would get a permit by going to Village Office and filling out an application form and providing a site plan and construction drawings. Now, you will be able to fill out the application online by visiting: and sending the email with an application, construction drawings, and site plan. If you will need assistance to fill out your application you can call SNBSC’s office at (506) 466-7369 and a development officer will be able to assist you Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Turnaround times on approvals for building permits can be done very quickly by SNBSC. In-person applications may still be done at Grand Manan’s Village Office by calling ahead and arranging an appointment with one of SNBSC’s staff.

For more information about this announcement, contact:

Rob MacPherson, CAO of the Village of Grand Manan

(506) 662-7059

For more information about Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission planning:

(506) 466-7369

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